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"$peaker Talk" interview with Dr. Paul Artale, Accredited Speaker and Author

"$peaker Talk" is an interview series with professional speakers about insights of the speaking business.

In these short talks, you'll learn tips and lessons from speakers who have paved the way to launching a successful speaking business. You'll take away strategies to apply in your own professional speaking!


Dr. Paul Artale is a work-life and motivation expert in addition to an author, researcher, and leadership trainer. His speeches are high energy, high impact, and highly entertaining. Paul’s stories challenge and inspire others to break through challenges and to exceed their potential.

Born with what some would see as a physical disability, Paul’s talks are rooted in his experience both as a collegiate athlete and scholar. His clients include Ford, Google, Business Insurance, Michigan State University, HR Tampa and Michigan Works.

Paul and I have so much in common and much of our similarities were discovered just before this interview! Paul and I are fraternity brothers from Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, we both have/had Student Affairs career backgrounds, we both started speaking to collegiate audiences, are authors, hold Doctorate degrees, and are avid Toastmasters.

Paul is also an Accredited Toastmaster which means he is one of the very few Toastmasters in the world recognized as a high-caliber professional speaker within Toastmasters.

Here are some highlights from my conversation with Dr. Artale:

* How Paul got started in speaking

* His speaking evolution from FREE gigs to PAID speaking engagements

* How he's crafted and positioned his amazing story to inspire others

* One phrase from Paul's wife that guided him to pursue professional speaking

* #1 question to ask anyone from your audience after a speech

* Insights about how Paul continues to grow his speaking business

* What Paul does differently than most speakers

* How's Paul's topics and keynotes shifted and focused on his expertise now

* Insights from Paul about speaking in a covid and post-covid world

I love some of Paul's quotes in our interview:

"Stop Talking. Start Doing. Or Shut Up."

"Hustle and talent can outperform a great speaker."

"Never make yourself the hero of your own story."

"The missing link most speakers have is not connecting their story to the audience."

"Just because you tell a story doesn't mean people will listen."

"Your story really doesn't matter if it doesn't create a vessel to help others."

"If your story is good enough, people will want to hear it."

... and much more! Click below to watch/listen to this great discussion with Dr. Paul Artale!

To Your Speaking Success,


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