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[Invite] PAID to $PEAK Sailing Retreat

Announcing a unique new way to spend a full day with me to help you build and grow your speaking business ...

Up to six people can join me for a full day sailing charter aboard my sailboat, the "Why Knot?" We'll depart from Carolina Beach, NC at 10:00am and sail inside the calm North Carolina Intercoastal Waterway, returning by 5:00pm. In just one day, I'll lead you through the most important concepts of my book, PAID to $PEAK, that will help you grow and unleash your speaking business like never before. I'll also be sharing new material that is not in my book. The process I will share with you about building a speaking business is the same I applied several years ago that resulted in me going from ZERO to ELEVEN keynote speeches in just 6 months. Just one later later, I earned a six-figure speaking business. I want to help you do the same. No sailing experience is needed for this trip. I'll be your captain. All you need to do is arrive mentally ready to relax and learn. If you've never been sailing, this is an opportunity you'll want to experience. You might just do what I did a few years ago and decide to live on a sailboat. I lived aboard "Why Knot?" for two years. Space is extremely limited to six people so RSVP immediately.

Here's what you'll receive by coming aboard the PAID to $PEAK Sailing Retreat:

  • Full day sailing charter (normal charter is $199/person)

  • I'll walk you through my speaking business outline (Modules 1 - 5)

  • Five hours of group coaching sessions while aboard (normal $499)

  • One hour personalized coaching session within two weeks (normal $199)

  • Open Q & A session - ask anything you want!

  • Lunch, snacks, and a variety of beverages

  • Complimentary copy of my book, PAID to $PEAK!

  • ... and more!

I'm offering three different Sailing Retreat dates for you to select one:

Saturday, April 20 Sunday, April 28 Friday, May 17

Price per person: $249/person** (value $1,199!)

(** join my newsletter group and there just might be a discount!)

To reserve your spot aboard and for questions, email me directly at Include date(s) desired. I will respond with availability.

*** I also Airbnb the sailboat for overnight guests and providing sailing charters.


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