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"Speaker Tip": How I Recently Used Video to Earn a 5-Figure Speaking Engagement

Have you heard the craze about sending video emails instead of written emails? For speakers this is a game changer!

I recently signed up for BombBomb and used a video email to make outreach as well as reply to a speaking inquiry.

The result was that I landed a 5-figure speaking engagement BECAUSE of the video!

Watch this short video where I explain more and share my perspective on why it's so important now to be differentiating yourself as a speaker.

Not only must your content be unique and outstanding, but your delivery must be as well in this virtual world.

Even when onsite events do come back, will your speaking business? Now is the time to step it up and do what most speakers are not doing! You have an incredible opportunity to do something very simple that will help you stand out and earn speaking engagements! I'm living proof and I hope my video nudges you enough to take action!

Click the video image below to watch!!

To watch my virtual studio "behind-the-scenes" with Stan Phelps, click the image below! We both will show you what's behind the cameras and how we made it all happen. You'll also have itemized links to absolutely everything I purchased so you can make your own decisions.

To set up a call with me for either coaching or a complimentary call to explore which of my coaching programs is the best fit for you, click here.

To Your Speaking Success,


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