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Tips on how to set speaking fee ... and how to know their speaker budget! 🔥

Module 4 in my PAID to $PEAK book and Online Course is all about knowing:

  • When to charge?

  • What to charge?

  • How much to charge?

If you're not confident about what your speaking fee is or should be, it would behoove you to learn my criteria for setting speaking fee and how to position yourself properly.

I also walk you through my entire process from outreach or inquiry to receiving the deposit check! There's quite a bit that goes into it.

However, my passion is making the complex seem fairly simple - especially for aspiring speakers and even seasoned speakers who are committed to growth and their message.

Don't struggle like I did for years thinking I could do it on my own while also leaving thousands on the table without even realizing it. Read/listen to the Preface inside PAID to $PEAK and you'll realize how many times I nearly quit.

Most of what I've learned has been the hard way. Most of what works best for my speaking now was discovered the long way.

Want to learn and avoid my mistakes? Serious about accelerating your speaking success and actually getting to where you want to be? Hope you'll let PAID to $PEAK be your guide.

So let's get into it ... if you're going to get PAID to $PEAK, you must know how to handle the speaking fee like a professional - like a business owner. It's a process.

Just like animals can sense fear and a shark can smell blood in the water from miles away, a meeting planner or conference organizer can also sense when a speaker does not know what they are doing. Selecting a speaker is a high-stakes decision for them and they do NOT want a speaker who does not seem experienced.

So how do I manage my speaking fee?

First off, I have discovered 3 criteria for knowing when I should be able to charge a full speaking fee. If the answers to all 3 questions are "yes," then I at least know I have leverage for not just my full professional speaking fee and likely much, much more!

Understanding these criteria help me know not just WHEN to charge, but also WHAT to charge! These images might not make much sense to you ... which is why you need context and perspective that I share in Module 4 of my PAID to $PEAK book and Online Course.

From my experience coaching speakers, I've watched new(er) speakers often NOT get selected because they either are not charging enough OR they do not know how to position their fee properly! Hhmmmm .... interesting hey?

Watch my course so you not only get selected for the next speaking engagement but also add a "0" behind your speaking fee! ($500 to $5,000!)

Another tip:

Whether I am reaching out to them via email/phone (or my assistant is), whether they are emailing me, or whether they submitted information on my website (click here), I always refer them to my 'Hire Kevin' link to share more information about their event.

Visit my site to see the questions I ask ... one of them is about budget!! (again, let's make the complex simple friends)

Below is what I receive via email once they submit ...

Another tip:

If you do not have a "Hire _____" link on your website or a Contact Page that asks the right questions, you are not getting the information you need in advance.

Ask the right questions!

Without the right contact/inquiry page on your website, you're also not positioning yourself properly.

And if you do not have a website at all, or at least a speaker-centric website ... eeeekkkk .... you definitely are not positioning yourself properly.

Need a website? Or a better one that is speaker-centric? Schedule a conversation with me to get help.

Same for demo video. If you don't have these items but want to speak professionally, you need some help. Ask and you shall receive.

Another tip ... and this one's important:

I do not set my speaking fee based on their budget. Nope. But it's nice to know what I might be working with. Agree?

Their answers also confirm the criteria I mentioned first in this blog! Keep in mind too that their budget is often NOT what they say it is. I've had it go both ways ... down and up in reality.

AND, what if they leave the "budget question" blank on the contact form?

If you're committed to speaking and really want the answers to this question and the many others you already have about speaking fee, I look forward to speaking with you.

Another tip:

Provide 3 'options' for your speaking fee. Do you go to a restaurant where they only serve one type of meal? Of course not. Think about when you go car shopping ... there's always a standard, sport and luxury model to pick from. Same with speaking ... provide options for how you can "ADD VALUE" to your clients. To download and view my Speaker Packet to see my options, click below.

There are many, many other 'considerations' that go into setting speaking fee. I've only outlined a few ...

Yes, it's a process that you need to reflect on. I'm here to help.

If we do not ever speak 1:1, I encourage you let my PAID to $PEAK book and Online Course be your guide and resource. I share everything I know about speaking inside of it.

Additional value I can personally provide for you is a coaching sounding board as well. If you don't have someone helping you and you are serious and committed to learning what it takes, reach out to explore how I can help.

Earn greatness today! Onward and upward!


Want to speak professionally, part-time or full-time?

Not getting PAID speaking engagements?

I've been honored to present for over 1,000,000 people through 1,150+ audiences in all 50 states and several countries. Whether I'm on a stage or in a training room with professionals or students, I absolutely LOVE motivating and inspiring people for higher performance. And in addition to my own speaking business, I have a passion for helping and coaching speakers learn how to catapult their speaking whether part-time or full-time. My book, PAID to SPEAK, outlines a proven model for speakers and is now an online course as well! Click here for online course info!

If you are serious about becoming a professional speaker, explore my coaching and mentorship options. I don't want you to flounder like I did and be frustrated.


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