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Home Virtual Studio Demo + Equipment List

Click here to download my entire equipment list used in setting up my virtual studio.

I have created 3 different options for setting up a virtual studio based on your budget.

There are 3 types of people ... (1) people who make things happen, (2) people who watch things happen and (3) people who wonder, what the "h@$% just happened?!"

If I'm on my sailboat, I like to watch things happen.

But in my speaking business, it's imperative that I make things happen. Understand the difference?

Sailing is my hobby. Speaking is not. (However, I've even made sailing into a business venture with hosting our boat as an overnight stay on Airbnb and sailing charters!)

My goals and objectives are completely different whether I'm on the water sailing or working on my speaking business.

GOOD NEWS!! Speakers are in a moment right now to make things happen, especially as it relates to presenting virtually.

Speakers are in a moment right now where it is so easy to differentiate. To stand out. To take advantage of opportunity.

Most speakers are not differentiating though, not standing out, and not taking advantage of opportunity.

I have watched dozens of professional speakers present virtually yet still not having any type of professional studio. It shocks me. It disappoints me too. Many are even talking about how important it is to be proactive for change - yet they haven't changed a bit in how they are delivering their message.

Virtual is the new platform stage.

Virtual is the new audience ... for now and likely some time to come.

To be blunt, if you're serious about building and/or growing a successful speaking business, you're going to have to embrace the virtual reality that your delivery matters. Of course content matters too, and even more so, but if people are watching you virtually as a professional speaker, you need to represent professionalism. Yes?

USB video camera of a speaker sitting down in front of a bookshelf or white wall with earphones is NOT professional. Or at least it won't generate future speaking business for them.

An entire presentation of a speaker screen sharing with a tiny video file of them in the top right corner is NOT professional. Or at least it won't generate future speaking business for them.

Friends, let me help. With a small investment you can appear professional before you even speak. You can set yourself apart and stand out to get the speaking engagement with a home virtual studio.

And any investment you make should immediately pay for itself - mine did x 3 already!

Just after this video was published, I received several virtual speaking inquiries. Each one paid for my investment because people saw value in the engagement and connection I was providing to my virtual audience.

Friends, don't let virtual intimidate you. It's simply a learning curve you can push through.

It took me the entire month of March and April to even figure out what to do. It took May and June to do it because I made all sorts of mistakes. There were days I felt constantly frustrated, overwhelmed and under water.

I pushed through. My wife helped me. My mastermind group helped me. My own speaker coach and mentor helped me.

I had no clue how to set up a virtual studio when I first started. All I knew was I needed to do it in order to keep my speaking business afloat ... then I worked backwards to figure it out.

Stan Phelps and I recently demo'd our virtual studios to provide a special behind-the-scenes tour. As simple as our studios might look in front of the cameras, both of us have invested hours upon hours to research, identify, order, return, order, return, hit head against the wall, order, set up, hit head again, set up again, and make all sorts of mistakes ... I mean adjustments!

In this video, we're also taking you behind-the-cameras to show what you can't see.

In addition, I'm itemizing everything I purchased and providing links so you know exactly the equipment I have.

Click here or the image below to visit my Facebook page and watch our "Facebook LIVE" episode!

To Your Speaking Success,


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