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Welcome to my PAID to $PEAK Webinar Series!

Videos within my PAID to $PEAK webinar series provide a comprehensive overview of my speaking business.  In these videos you will learn:

  • the business of speaking and what people don't see,

  • insights to improve your speaking and better impact audiences,

  • how to position yourself as a professional speaker rather than just a FREE speaker,

  • the criteria I use to find consistent PAID speaking engagements, 

  • techniques to identify right target audiences who actually hire speakers,

  • how to speak on the TEDx stage ... and leverage that talk,

  • the process to publish a book ... and position your books with any speaking engagement to maximize 'value' and increase contracts,

  • ... and much, much more!! 



But first ... thank you for supporting the Foundation of HOPE. 

The Foundation of HOPE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides seed grant funding for research on mental illness.  As someone who battled depression as a teenager, I believe in the mission and purpose of the Foundation of HOPE.


My goal is to raise $30,000 minimum for the Foundation of HOPE each year.  I appreciate your support making this possible in the spirit of wellness and making impact for ourselves and others.

***  Why does the Foundation of HOPE matter to me?  Because I battled through depression as a teenager.  I'm lucky to be alive.  My background is why I felt inspired and called to speak.  I'd be HONORED if you watched my most recent TEDx talk, PURE Vulnerability, which I also tailored into a book while I was awaiting TED approval for my talk to be released.   

Below are the topics, recorded videos and presentation slide decks within my PAID to $PEAK Webinar Series.  As I continue to offer webinars occasionally, I'll be continually adding to this library below!

  • How to Become a PAID Professional Speaker (PAID to $PEAK overview)

  • How to Become a TEDx Speaker

  • How to Find PAID Speaking Opportunities

  • How to Become a Published Author and Leverage Books in Speaking Contracts

  • Backend Systems I use in my Speaking Business

  • How to Maximize Speaking FEE in proposals and contracts

  • PAID Speaking Opportunities at COLLEGES

  • How to Set Up a Virtual Studio on a Budget!

  • How to Set Speaking and Knowing WHEN and WHAT to Charge!

How to Become a PAID Professional Speaker:  PAID to $PEAK Overview

Here's an overview of my entire PAID to $PEAK process and how I launched into professional speaking and continue to run my speaking business.


Download the presentation slide deck (click here) and follow along during the presentation while taking notes!

If you don't have a copy of PAID to $PEAK, visit here

How to Find TEDx Speaking Engagements and Speak on the TEDx Stage

Learn what it takes to prepare a TEDx submission and how to find TEDx speaking opportunities!  I've been honored to speak multiple times for TEDx, organized a premier TEDx event, served as a Speaker Coach for multiple TEDx events and coached hundreds of speakers on TEDx.


Download the presentation slide deck (click here) and follow along during the presentation while taking notes!

To take advantage of my TEDx training, visit here!

How to Become a Published Author ... and leverage books with your speaking contracts! 

A book is not required to start speaking, but I feel it's required if you want to get PAID consistently and maximize your speaking fee!  What's it costing you NOT having a book?  Watch this video!  Moreover, your book is akin to your speeches ... only difference is format of delivery!


Download the presentation slide deck (click here) and follow along during the presentation while taking notes!

My book PAID to $PEAK includes a BONUS Module on "How to Write, Publish and Promote your Book in 90 Days!" ... visit here to get your copy

Backend Systems I use in my Speaking Business -- one of my most important videos!

This is one of the most important videos I've ever shared because it's the SYSTEMS I use in my speaking business which serve as the GLUE holding everything together.  Systems are essential and many do NOT cost me a dime!  The systems I do pay for pay for themselves over and over!


Download the presentation slide deck (click here) and follow along during the presentation while taking notes!

How to MAXIMIZE Speaking FEE in proposals and contracts

Maximizing speaking fee is not about UP-selling.  Rather, it's about adding more value in your speaking contracts.  I've found meeting planners and association executives who hire me appreciate it when I offer them Options 1, 2 and 3 in a speaking proposal.  Learn how I do this in my video which allows me to not only get the engagement but also earn 20-30% MORE!


Download the presentation slide deck (click here) and follow along during the presentation while taking notes!

How to find PAID Speaking Opportunities at Colleges and Universities

College speaking is my roots --- it's where my speaking started.  I also dedicate my entire journey into speaking inside the Preface of my book PAID to $PEAK.  I've presented for over 500 colleges and universities, high schools and various educator groups and conferences.  I never spoke with the purpose of getting PAID but I quickly learned that speaking to YOUTH audiences and professional educators can be quite lucrative.  There are so many events for speakers at every institution and educator conference!

Download the presentation slide deck (click here) and follow along during the presentation while taking notes!

How to Set UP a Virtual Studio ... on a budget! (My equipment list included)

This video outlines backdrop, lighting, sound, video, a multi-camera ATEM Mini switcher and how to set it up!! We take you in front of the camera and behind the camera to show you everything!


This video is for all levels of tech savvy … whether you’re just starting out virtually or trying to up your game, learn how to design a professional looking virtual studio. And whether you speak professionally, coach, train, teach, work at a church, lead a team or work in sales, having a virtual studio will position you very well.

How to Use and Record with the ATEM Mini Switcher!  (Pro versus Standard) 

In this video, I'm showing how to use and record with the ATEM Mini switcher. I'm comparing the Pro versus the Standard version showing you how the ATEM Mini switcher records, multi-view out, picture in picture feature, and what all the HDMI inputs and outputs look like. If you're considering buying the ATEM Mini switcher, watch this video!! If you're having difficulties with your ATEM Mini switcher, watch this video!

'Show and Tell' Virtual Home Studio:  Mike Mooney and Kevin Snyder

THE Mike Mooney and I take you behind-the-scenes to show you our home virtual studios.  Both Mike and I started with practically NO tech knowledge and taught ourselves.

1:30 -- Mike explains his level of tech savvy-ness (low!) before making his studio

4:20 -- Mike shows his different camera angles and explains purpose of each

6:40 -- Mike talks about the reaction and fist impressions he commonly hears

7:00 -- Mike shares more about why virtual impressions matter for business owners

9:30 -- Kevin shows you his different angles and the Go Pro "fun" angle

10:00 -- Kevin explains how much space he actually has in his studio area

11:30 -- Kevin shows you his moveable standing walls 16:30 -- Mike and Kevin talk about the learning curve of having a studio

20:22 -- Mike's brilliant tip for helping him use his switcher buttons

22:45 -- Tips on utilizing space and deciding on a backdrop 23:25 -- Kevin shares how many speaking engagements have resulted from his studio

25:30 -- Mike's advice for where to start and what to do first!

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