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Welcoming Ron Ottavio as my "Chief of Staff"

I'm thrilled to announce that my speaking business will be growing with the addition of Ron Ottavio to the team. Ron will be serving as my "Chief of Staff" to help me manage my existing speaking business as well as curate new inquiries as they arrive.

Ron served as Chief of Staff to the North Carolina State Treasurer so we felt this title was well suited! Ron has extraordinary experience (see below) in the financial and public service sector, and he clearly knows how to effectively work with people and heighten performance to new levels. So if your organization is hosting a conference or meeting and would benefit from a high-energy "think differently" presentation to engage your group and help them envision new possibility, just reach out to Ron for my availability. I speak at quite a few conferences each year as an opening or closing keynote speaker. Or like many groups it seems this year, if you're trying a new event or wanting to add spice to a training initiative to motivate your group and adding a speaker would be a unique idea, just reach out to Ron ( You can also tell us more about your event by clicking this link on my website.

I'm excited to work with Ron for many reasons, and you will be too. Ron loves people and it shows. He's all about understanding the needs and challenges faced in industry and then identifying solutions to foster growth-oriented workplace cultures.

Ron's experience and advisory role on the team will further help me to customize keynotes and training programs suited for your workplace challenges. He has 34 years of experience in financial services. Ron was with Wachovia Bank for 34 years, serving as Director of State Government Relations, Senior Vice President of Consumer Banking, and Sales Executive for the Mid-Atlantic Region among many others. From 2008 to 2013, Ron served the Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the North Carolina State Treasurer. In 2013, Ron founded The Ottavio Group, a business consulting company focused on working with companies and individuals to improve performance results. And most proudly, Ron was also a member of the Virginia Army National Guard and served as Aide-de-Camp to Governor Charles S. Robb. Welcome Ron. It's going to be an amazing year ahead!

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